2022 Campsite Rates

Site rates include the first 2 people. We allow a maximum if 4 people ages 18 and over per site. You may have up to 6 people if at least 2 of them are under 18. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. ID may be requested. Guests, including day guests, will be charged as additional people and will count toward your maximum number of people on a site. To make a reservation for a weekend it is a minimum 2 night stay, 3 night on a holiday weekend.

Overnight Site Rate Daily Weekly
Electric & Water$49.00$294.00
No hook ups$39.00$234.00
Additional Adults (18+)$14.00each$84.00each
Additional Child 2-17yrs old$5.00each$30.00each
Children under 2yrs oldNo ChargeNo Charge

Early Arrival Rates

Our camping day runs from 3pm to 3pm. We can not guarantee that a campsite will be available before 3pm. Campers arriving before 3pm will be charged for early arrival. Departures after 3pm will be charged an additional night's fee. No arrivals after 9pm

Adults 18+ $6.00each
Children 2-17yrs old$2.00each
Children under 2yrs oldNo charge


Please make sure everyone in your party is aware that NO firewood may be brought into the campground from any other source. Firewood may be purchased from us or any naturally fallen wood in the campground may be collected

Cut Firewood .75cu ft $6.00/bundle
Dumping stationFree for campers,
$6.00 otherwise
On site pump-out (midweek only)$16.50

General Rules and Guidlines

Please make sure everyone in your party is aware of our rules before arriving. More information can be found in our FAQ

-Quiet hours from 11pm to 8am
- You must be signed in as a camper or wolf watcher to be on the property. We do not permit day visitors or picnickers.
-Campground boundaries are clearly marked. Do not trespass
-Do not cut or deface any trees, shrubs or rocks.
-Do not remove any plant or animal life.
-Please keep your campsite clean and free of litter.
-No firewood can be brought into the campground from any outside source
-No firewood shall be removed from any cmapsite.
-You can collect any naturally fallen wood from campground property.
-Up to 2 pets are permitted per site. Pets must be leashed or caged at all times, are not allowed near the lake or animal pen areas, and can not be left unattended or inside a vehicle.
-Pets are NOT allowed on the rental trailer site.

-ALL fireworks, including sparklers and fountains, are prohibitied in the campground. Anyone found with them will be asked to leave
-Firearms including BB and pellet guns are not allowed.
-Do not move or build additional fireplaces.
-Respect the privacy of others. Trespassing on other campsites is prohibited
-Do not put glass or cans in the fireplace.
-Recycling is NJ Law. Recyclables found in trash or fire may be subject to fines.
-Deposits must be received no later than 5 days after reservations are made.
-Deposits are non refundable however a credit may be given if sites are canceled at least 14 days before arrival
-Only the number of persons reserved for will be permitted on a site.

Seasonal Sites

Save up to $1000 with early payment discounts!

Why get a seasonal site?

  • Save gas and money by not having to tow every weekend. Save time by avoiding set up and take down each time you use your RV.
  • Our Seasonal campers form lasting friendships and become your extended family. Many gather regularly at the office for coffee, conversation and games.
  • Weekly holding tank pump-out and annual winterizing services are available.
  • New seasonal campers have the opportunity to get a $400 discount off their site fees.
  • Returning seasonal campers have the opportunity to save as much as $1000 off their site fees.
  • Never have to worry about getting rained out on the weekend you reserved a site. Any weekend can be a fun family trip without needing to plan ahead.
  • Get great discounts on firewood by ordering in bulk.

2022 Seasonal Rates

Seasonal site rate from 4/29/22 to 10/16/22
Rates are based on 2 people

Electric and water hookup$3825
Primitive site (no hookup)$2600
Additional adult 18+$190ea
Children 2-17 yrs old$95ea
Children under 2yrs oldNo charge


On site pump-out
Pump-out service is for one
"gray water" tank and one septic tank.
$175 all season or
$15 per week
Split Firewood(cubic feet)
Unsplit firewood also available 

$5.00per bundle(.75)
$50 per split 1/5 cord(25.6)
$190 per split full cord (128)
Off Season rates(for existing seasonals only) 
Adult 18+$9.00ea per night
Children 2-17yrs old$3.00ea per night
Children under 2yrs oldNo charge
Electric (water is off during the winter)$10.00 per night

Reminders to our seasonal campers:


All visitors must register at the office before entering the campground. It is the responsibility of the seasonal campers to make sure that their guests have registered and are paid for.


It is your resposibility to ensure your guests are aware of our pet policies including the limit of 2 pets per site. All pets must be leashed or caged at all times and can not be left alone unless in an RV.

Seasonal site on top and site with campers

End of the season

The last day of the 2021 season is October 17th. All trailers will be unplugged from electric on October 17th. Be sure to have all perishable foods removed by then. If you are still at your site, off-season camping fees will apply.

Off-season camping

If you decide to use your unit after the season has ended, you must stop in and pay when you arrive. If you do not stop and pay when you arrive, and we have to keep track of your visits and send a bill, the fees are doubled. If the office is closed, put your payment in an envelope and slip it under the office door or drop it at the manager's house.

We are now taking reservations for the 2022 camping season.

The reservation office is open:
Late April to October:
Sunday thru Thursday, 9am - 6pm.
Friday & Sat, 9am - 8pm.

November to Late April: 
Thursday thru Sunday, 9:30am - 3pm. 
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays


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