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Here are a few pictures our friends have sent us!

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Just a few of the things people are saying about us:

I was 12 the first time I stayed at Camp Taylor, that was 1980. There is no better place on Earth. Clayton and his family are amazing. The land is unparalleled, the view from the trail up to the ridge beats any other natural area on the East Coast. If you don't camp here at least once in your lifetime you have missed one of the few treasures life has to offer.

Best campground in the Northeast. Going back a second time this season. Nice place to relax and see beautiful scenery but close to enough to attractions to never get bored. Friendly management.

We had such a wonderful time, no stress just had a peaceful and calm weekend. Great for looking at the stars with the telescope. We also went to the wolf preserve, it was great everbody should visit the wolves. Hope to go back the second week of Oct.

Must visit Camp Taylor.Place was very clean and people were very friendly. Its a great place to take your family.Must see Wolf preserve,That is a great place to see.Lots of places to visit in area.great hiking trails. Dont forget your camera.

So many great memories ;)

Thanks for another wonderful week! We are already planning our trips for next year!!!

[The haunted house] was really great. One kid loved it; and one was terrified...mission accomplished. Thanks for all the hard work.
I am 37 and [the Haunted House] scared the you know what out of me!! We had a blast. My first weekend at Camp Taylor and it was near perfect :-) Can't wait to come back!!

Best campground in NJ!

Just came back from our weekend camping at Camp Taylor ... was a little rainy but it didn't stop us from enjoying the grounds. It was my first time camping in a tent, I loved it! Loved the visit to the Lakota wolf preserve also. I'm hoping we can book a cabin for a weekend in October. See u soon hopefully and thanks for providing a great getaway.

We love Camp Taylor!!! We go once a year and wish we could get there more!!
I camped at Camp Taylor and went there as a child a long time ago. Have wonderful memories that will last a life time. Strangely I run into people who have and do camp regularly at Camp Taylor and we alway end up reminiscing about what wonderful people the Taylor Family is. I plan on camping sometime this fall and I live over 100 miles away.
Camp Taylor is the best campground to stay at in New Jersey, bar none! Will want my kids to grow up remembering camping trips there at least once per year.
Camp Taylor Rocks...had an awesome weekend in C2 this summer.
We loved it so much this summer, we are planning a family trip here next summer and another trip with my husband this fall! The best campground we have found in PA or NJ so far!
I'm going back w friends this Fall. Had an awesome weekend there in July. The family is helpful and everything you need is there. Simple and complete. Whenever you are camping with other people (not alone in the Badlands) there is a chance of problems, but when we visited, the owners drove by sites and made sure there wasn't crazy parties. Great family or couples camping.
We had a great time Labor Day weekend at your campgrounds. Did alot of hiking and site seeing in the area. We are planning on comeing back next year. We do have pics to post. Really like the Wolf preserve.

Can't wait we leave tomorrow to head up there, this will be our fourth year in a row coming up there, my wife and I love your campground!!

We just came back from a 3 night cabin stay, also.. We loved this campsite so much, we decided we might come back in the fall and many more times. This was our first time in a Cabin and we absolutely loved it and are hooked now...loved the lake and our cabin location.

I'm a week late on this, but we had an awesome weekend here! Just as fun as I remember, and looking forward to coming back ASAP! The only campground I ever really need :)

Had a wonderful time! The RV we rented onsite was clean, large and on a very nice site. The family who runs the camp were nice, friendly and very helpful. Clayton was especially informative and a pleasure to speak to. The nearby Lakota Wolf Preserve was amazing. The guide was very knowledgeable and wasn't boring to listen to and the wolves came up close to the fences, only a few feet away. If you want to see wolves up close, this is the place to go! Thank you for a great time, we'll definitely be back!



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