On-site Rental Tents

Offering a balace of comfort and conveince while maintaing "camping" feel, these rental tents have become very popular with people who either don't own camping equipment or don't want to have to sleep on the ground.

Available from late May through Labor Day Weekend, both of our 10'x20' "Glamped" tents are covered by a pre-hung tarp providing you with some protection from the rain. Outside on the site is a picnic table, overhead lights, fire pit, charcoal grill and chairs. There is also electric outlets inside and outside the tent and a water spigot on the site.

The inside of the tent has a padded floor with a double bed, two "click-back" style chairs that fold down to single sized mattresses, and an electric fireplace heater.

On-site rental tents are located on sites OT1 and OT2 on the campgorund map.

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Glamping tent set up on site

Everyting is set up and ready for you

No need to set your tent up in the dark, it's all ready for you the moment you arrive. Outdoor chairs, fireplace and charcoal grill are provided saving space in your car.

inside of glamping tent showing click back chairs and electric fireplace

Heat and ambiance

An electric "fireplace" heater takes the chill out of the cooler nights, or it can just be set to firelight only. Two click-back chairs can be folded down flat into single matresses. 

Inside glamping tent showing double bed

Double bed

Not interested in sleeping on the ground? We have you covered with a double bed.

Rental Tent Rates

Base rate is for 2 people and does not include tax.  We allow a maximum 4 persons in the tent. Rentals are a 2 night minimum stay, 3 nights on a holiday weekend. No pets are permitted on rental tent sites. You must bring your own linens/sleeping bags and pillows. Do not bring any food or flavored drinks into the tents. A $50 damage deposit will be required at check-in. When you check-out, the site is checked and the deposit will be returned to you. No smoking is allowed in the tent, including e-cigarettes

On-site rental tent Daily Weekly
Base Rate$75$450
Approx. tax$1.86$11.13
Additional adults 18+$13ea$78ea
Children 2-17yrs old$5$30
Children under 2yrs oldNo chargeNo charge

General Rules and Guidlines

Please make sure everyone in your party is aware of our rules before arriving. More information can be found in our FAQ

-Quiet hours from 11pm to 8am
- You must be signed in as a camper or wolf watcher to be on the property. We do not permit day visitors or picnickers.
-Campground boundaries are clearly marked. Do not trespass
-Do not cut or deface any trees, shrubs or rocks.
-Do not remove any plant or animal life.
-Please keep your campsite clean and free of litter.
-No firewood can be brought into the campground from any outside source
-No firewood shall be removed from any cmapsite.
-You can collect any naturally fallen wood from campground property.
-Up to 2 pets are permitted per site. Pets must be leashed or caged at all times, are not allowed near the lake or animal pen areas, and can not be left unattended or inside a vehicle.
-Pets are NOT allowed on rental trailer, cabin(except C1) or rental tent sites.

-ALL fireworks, including sparklers and fountains, are prohibitied in the campground. Anyone found with them will be asked to leave
-Firearms including BB and pellet guns are not allowed.
-Do not move or build additional fireplaces.
-Respect the privacy of others. Trespassing on other campsites is prohibited
-Do not put glass or cans in the fireplace.
-Recycling is NJ Law, recyclables found in trash or fire may be subject to fines.
-Deposits must be received no later than 5 days after reservations are made.
-Deposits are non refundable however a credit may be given if sites are canceled at least 14 days before arrival
-Only the number of persons reserved for will be permitted on a site.

We are now taking reservations for the 2020 season.

Office open:
November to Late April: 
Thursday thru Sunday, 9:30am - 5pm. 
Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

Late April to October:
Sunday thru Thursday, 9am - 6pm.
Friday & Sat, 9am - 9pm.


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